A hike with Lodewyk, Erna and Oliver

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The Story
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We had not seen our friend Lodewyk de Beer since a couple of years. Then all of a sudden he phoned and told us he was on a business trip and would like to visit us over the weekend of Nov. 10. Of course we also invited Erna and Oliver to Wildhaus to see their old friend.

Regarding the weather Lodewyk had quite a reputation: Whenever he turned up here, the weather promptly turned to the worst. Thus, after we had a beautiful autumn,it started  promptly  to snow a few days before Lodewyk was due ... and on the evening when he arrived at Wildhaus there was 40cm of fresh snow!

But to everybody's surprise the next morning there was not a single cloud in the sky and we had a beautiful sunrise:
Image #01 = The Churfirsten with the first sunrays, picture taken from the window of Lodewyk's bedroom
And because it was so beautiful, here another picture:
Image #02 = The Churfirsten with the first sunrays, zoomed in

The sun was so fine and warm that we had breakfast on our balcony:
Image #03 = Breakfast

We decided to go for a walk to 'Gampluet', a place on the Northern slope of our valley:
Image #04 = Walking up the Moosstrasse, behind Hotel Acker
Image #05 = Walking up the Moosstrasse, turn-off to 'Plaettli'

It was a perfect day, so we didn't hurry:
Image #06 = Steinruetistrasse, Annemarie, Erna, Joerg, waiting for the others
Image #07 = Steinruetistrasse, Joerg, Annemarie, Erna, Oliver

At the Lisigweid, halfways up, we had a beautiful view to the West down the Toggenburg valley:
Image #08 = Lisigweid, view to the West 
Image #09 = Joerg: "Hey, let's take pictures!"

And of course we had to take pictures of us with the Schafberg and it's famous 'Suedwand' as a background:
Image #10 = Who is going to take the Picture? Oliver, Joerg, Erna, Annemarie
Image #11 = 'Take two', Joerg, Erna, Lodewy, Annemarie
Image #12 = 'Take three' close-up, Oliver, Erna, Annemarie

At the Rossegg, just before reaching Gampluet we had a great view to the South over the Wildhaus skiing area:
Image #13 =The view from Rossegg to the Gamserrugg, Chaeserrugg and the other Churfirsten mountains

It was quite a cool day, so needed to warm up and we had a refreshment at the Gampluet restaurant before going back:
Image #14 = Gampluet, warming up, Annemarie, Joerg, Erna, Oliver

When we arrived home the sun was setting and did cast a beautiful light on the top of the mountains:
Image #15 = Schafberg, Sunset

Thank you Lodewyk for taking all those great pictures!

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created:  10 July, 2002
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