Legend to Images
Image #1 - Sunrise, Churfirsten illuminated by the first sunrays
Image #2 - The first sunrays on the Churfirsten
Image #3 - Breakfast, Joerg, Oliver, Erna, Annemarie
Image #4 - Walking up the Moosstrasse, behind Hotel Acker
Image #5 - Moosstrasse, turn-off to 'Plaettli'
Image #6 - Steinruetistrasse, Annemarie, Erna, Joerg
Image #7 - Steinruetistrasse, Joerg Annemarie, Erna, Oliver
Image #8 - Lisigweid, view to the West
Image #9 - Joerg: 'Hey, let's take pictures!'
Image #10 - Who's going to take the picture? Oliver, Joerg, Erna, Annemarie
Image #11 - Joerg, Erna, Lodewy, Annemarie
Image #12 - Oliver, Erna, Annemarie
Image #13 - The view from Rossegg to the Gamserrugg, Chaeserrugg and the other Churfirsten
Image #14 - Gampluet, warming up, Annemarie, Joerg, Erna, Oliver
Image #15 - Schafberg, Sunset

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