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Some years ago in autumn I took the cable car to the Chaeserrugg. When I walked out of the station and looked out to the Rosenboden I wondered: How come that there are still goats up here at this time of the season? Since I had no specific plans, I decided to have a look. When I came closer I was more than surprised: The animals I has taken for goats were in fact a herd of capricorns!!!

Since that first encounter I know a herd of capricorns is living at the Chaeserrugg.  They usually stay in the steep slopes but occasionally also up on the Rosenboden. The best season to see them is late summer and autunm. At that time the males are forming their own herd while the females together with the 'juniors' gather in a seperate herd (see image #18).

It looks as if at least the males have become quite used to the tourists. If you do not approach them with a lot of noise or having a dog with you, you can get quite close to them before they slowly walk away or retreat to the inacessible steep slopes. I was lucky that I never met them when they were in an aggressive mood, they are quite big and the horns are really impressive! 

Of course it was obvious to take photos. But that's easier said than done: When the capricorns would be there I would not have the camera with me, when I had the camera with me, they would be out of sight or to far away or the weather and hence the lighting was not appropriate ... However, at two occasions everything did fit together and that were the oppurtunities I took to take the two series of shots that are shown on this page:

  • Images 1 to 8 early in Oktober 1999, und 
  • Images 9 to 17 in September 2002

  • Of course, capricorns live not only at the Chaeserrugg ... The symbol and heraldic animal of Wildhaus originally 'emigrated' from the 'Alpstein' across the Toggenburg valley to the Churfirsten. Richi Niederer provided me with some photos taken there, which show also female capricorns together with their 'juniors', something that I never had a chance to 'shoot' at the Chaeserrugg. Many thanks!
  • Images 18 bis 21, Saentis & Naedliger, 2002 and 2003

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